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lamps (Z|N|TT|OO|HO|O|G-scale)

August 5, 2013

These model railroad lights and model railway lamps are perfect replicas of the originals. They have metal holders with nice paintwork and multi-part lampheads. The powerful light bulbs provide long lasting light. The new model railway lights and model railroad lamps have modern technology. With warm, white light, they are shock resistant and they almost have an unlimited lifespan bulbs. A huge selection of modern and historical model lamps bring the perfect light to your mini world.
Antique- Lamps/Lights O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale
Platform -Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale
Lattice Mast- Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale
Wodden-Mast- Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale
Modern City- Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z -Scale
City & Park –Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale
Wall Lights/Lamps O|0|OO|00|HO|H0|TT|N|Z-Scale


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